JASB Ξ Java Architecture for Semantic Binding

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The statical compiler that offer the alignment process from object-oriented classes to OWL ontologies for conforming the TBox of the ontology.

The usage of this application is the following:

Sintax: [java -jar jasb.jar [classFolder][packageName][ontologyURL]{pathOutput}

[Class Folder] is the folder which contains the classes used for the transformation.
               The format for the class list is the following: floder1;folder2;....;folderN
               Example: ./ or c:/compiling/data;c:/compiling/actions

[PackageName] This is the package name associated to this folder.

[OntologyURL] THis is the URL used for the namespace of the generated OWL file

[PathOutput] is an optionaly parameter in witch the output folder is specified..
             If it is not specified the output is showed in the standard output

An example: java -jar jasb.jar c:\compiling\classes\umu\data umu.data http://www.um.es/exampleC c:\out