JASB Ξ Java Architecture for Semantic Binding

JASB Dependences

The JAXB architecture has the following dependences with 3rd party libraries.
In the actual distribution the following libraries versions has been included:

 » ORE API 2.7
 » JGoodies Form API 1.1.0
 » PELLET Engines 1.5.1
 » OWL API 2.0
 » XSD API 1.2
 » Jena Framework 2.5.4

Important!!!!!!!! Jess libraries has not been included in this distribution
 » JESS 7.1 This library is not free but a free 30-days version is Available here

For the correct installation of this architecture for doing inference processes with Jess, you must to download Jess and include it into the classpath. (Usually, Jess is distributed in two jars: jess.jar and jsr94.jar). The version which has been checked is Jess v7.0